Month: November 2016

  • Common Heart Diseases: Overview and Facts

    The heart is basically a pump about the size of a fist; it is a muscular organ situated slightly left of center in your chest. The heart is a fragile organ and we should have a heart-healthy lifestyle to prevent the following diseases: Heart attack A heart attack (also called myocardial infarction) is usually triggered […]

  • Best Jewellery for her

    Best Tips and Practices on Choosing Jewellery as a Gift Giving some a piece of jewellery is one of the best ways to make them feel special. After all, jewellery is the epitome of beauty and luxury. Choosing jewellery also involves a lot of deep thought and considerable time and effort on the part of […]

  • Cosmetic Surgery

    Going Under the Knife: Why Opt for Cosmetic Surgery? Cosmetic surgery is a big decision that should be given thought about deeply and thoroughly. The results of such a procedure are usually irreversible – it is indeed a life-changing decision and event. But why do many people – both men and women – choose to […]

  • Landscape Architectural Services

    The Core Elements and Principles of a Good Landscape Design We see it every day – stunning landscapes and gardens that adorn homes and offices, or vast properties like hotels and resorts. But what makes a good landscape design? More than the pretty picture it presents, let us take a look at the elements that […]