Getting a translation company can help you translate your documents in any language that you want to. But your translation company will also need your help so he can do an excellent job with your document and delivery an accurate document translation.

When preparing your document for translation in Dubai, here are some things you can do to help the translation company that you employed.

  • Send the latest editable file


A common honest mistake that most clients commit is sending a file that is yet to be approved by their superiors. Once the translation company received the document from their client, this signals the start of their work. But if there are still some changes needed to be make on the document you sent, then the translation company would have to do it again and start from the scratch. Even the littlest changes in the document can change the translation.


So it would immensely help the translation company if you can provide the latest file and ensure that no editing will take place during the translation of the document.


  • Provide glossary of jargons and terms


Companies that provide legal translation in Dubai have a team of legal translators who are quote adept in legal terms and jargons. But it wouldn’t hurt if you can give them a glossary of terms that they can follow. There might be some languages and expressions that only your team used. It would be best if they have a copy so the documents will be accurate and the use of terminologies will be precise.


  • Forward the documents in advance


Delays can affect both parties, but sometimes it is the fault of the client. Sending the documents too late, especially if you have a deadline to beat, is not a good practice. Set a realistic timeline and send the documents in advance. This would give the translation company more time to review the document and do a better job on translating the document you gave them



  • Give them a brief


Sending the documents and files alone is not enough. The translators would need to have an in-depth briefing of the document so they can translate it clearly and according to your requirements. If you can discuss this to them in person, it would be best to send a comprehensive brief that contains the detail of the document, including the length, the intended audience and the summary of the content.

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