How to Be an Effective Event Promoter

download (6)Event promotion ranges from simple tasks such as handing out flyers about the happening, to being the brand ambassador and spokesperson, to complex roles such as guesting in radio or television shows to discuss about the event, or becoming an event coordinator joining the project group from planning to execution.

But how does one really become an effective event promoter? Or if you are currently an event promoter, what else do you do to better yourself in the field that you chose?

Below are the three most important skills one must acquire to perform the job well. We left the “education” bit because while it is preferred that a promoter has a background or college degree on business or entrepreneurial management, or even organizational communication, the acquisition of educational skills can be done through trainings and experience and not just through business schools.

Business Acumen

Some event promoters are hired not just as promotional models but as event planners and coordinators as well. In this case, the promoters must also understand the tricks of the trade such as billing, logistics, costing and negotiation, tracking, and client management.

Marketing and Sales Enthusiasm

In order to sell a product, a service, or an event out, a promoter must know how to tickle the fancies of the prospective buyers, clients, or event-goers. They must be able to entice these audience through various marketing gimmicks or creative expression. A promotional event will be a flop without people in them so there is indeed a pressure upon successful marketing and sales by event promoters.

Social Skills

            As an event promoter, you will be facing people from various walks of life all day or week long. In between discussing about the product or service your client is offering, you are also trying to establish a personal connection or a professional network with your audience. You have to be able to juggle that social responsibility properly. Some promoters, before they start out in this job, they take up trainings on social etiquette and public manners so they can be armed with the right skills.

While everyone can become a promoter, this set of skills, when present in an event promoter, ensures successful and effective performance of the role. This is what event companies try to seek from eager applicants and newly hires. Dubai Hostesses, one of the respectable event companies in Dubai, guarantees that their promoters in Dubai have the skills listed above.