Obtaining licenses in the UAE for engineering consultancy

One of the most high-demand firms in the UAE is Engineering Consultancy.

Due to rising infrastructure needs and the speed at which development is advancing, there is a never-ending need for engineering consultancies in the UAE.

The Engineering Consultant Certification can be acquired from the two largest commercial jurisdictions in the UAE.

  • The Mainland of the UAE (Civil Corporation or Limited Liability Company)
  • The UAE Open Zones

A mainland business is the best choice, however, for setting up an engineering consultancy to develop a strong local presence. It also makes it easier to engage in government tenders, recruit more workers, and position offices elsewhere in the UAE. The Open Zones would have 100 % foreign ownership and a host of other incentives to buyers, such as world-class offices, zero customs tariffs on imports into the Free Zone, etc.

When opposed to a mainland corporation, the method of corporation forming is distinct. The Dubai Mainland Engineering Consultancy is governed by the Dubai Municipality. Based on their area of specialization, the Dubai Municipality Building Service Department Certification team has identified a few classifications for construction and engineering enterprises. The Architecture Firm, however, must be approved by the Department of Dubai Municipality Building Service.

A Foreign Business Branch should form an Engineering Consultant in Dubai but have detailed descriptions of the work of the company and company in the last 15 years to be categorized correctly. The Engineering Consultant General Manager must have 15 years of experience and must be in the same country as the parent company.

In Dubai, launching a branch business requires considerable paperwork, authorities’ clearance, and documents. Starting a new business here with the same credentials and expertise is the best choice.

Get help from the company set up Abu Dhabi after all the documentation has been submitted and the license fee has been paid. Then, lead to the opening of the residency visa application and corporate bank account.

Assistance in company formation Abu Dhabi will assist you with the process of the company forming and our PROs will liaise with the Municipality of Dubai and other concerned officials to secure the necessary permits and lead you through the process of company formation.