Why do you need a tax residency certificate?

One of the key rewards of doing business in the UAE is that you can earn a UAE tax certificate by registering a Free Zone Company. The tax residency certificate in Dubai shall be given to a citizen company operating in the region, for example, a Free Zone company or a company operating in the mainland, allowing the company to benefit entirely from the proceeds of double tax evasion agreements.

These benefits do not however apply to an offshore corporation, which is also known as IBC. Consequently, a TDC cannot be received from those businesses. Instead of the TDC, offshore corporations can obtain a tax exemption certificate.

Any of the benefits of your UAE tax residence are:

  • Using double tax evasion arrangements between the UAE and your country to stop returning income taxes. However, the United States demands that the tax returns be declared for both US citizens and permanent residents, whether or not they live in the country. Moreover, to create proper tax enforcement, you will use this credential if your country is part of the CRS.
  • If you paid that in the same year that you were a UAE tax citizen, you will demand taxes back.
  • Ensure justice across borders and the security of the national economy for taxpayers, businesses, or persons.

As mentioned above, persons who live in the United Arab States may receive a certificate of tax residency as this document does not apply specifically to individuals. This is particularly useful for people who, like the United States, have no dual-tax avoidance deal with the UAE. In the United Arab Emirates, the TDC is the formal confirmation of an individual or legal entity’s tax residency.

If the tax residence certificate is for an individual or a corporation, depends on the method of tax residency. You have to satisfy all the qualifications criteria for individuals and businesses.

Companies must also satisfy special conditions before they earn a certificate for tax residency. If it is verifiable that a corporation is eligible, it cannot explicitly apply for the tax residency certificate and the authority could deny the application.

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