Moving to new house is an exciting event – a new environment to relish and new memories to create. But before you pack your bags and call in the movers, make sure that everything is in proper order to avoid potential troubles when moving in to your residence.

  1. Do a last minute inspection

Visit your new place one week before the target moving date. It is important that you inspect every corner of your new house to see if you need to do some repairs and make some last minute changes before moving in. Doing this after settling in can be stressful as you and your family are still adjusting to your new place.

List down all the repairs that need to be done and immediately contact your trusted contractor to complete all these repairs. You can also do a pre-planning list on where to place your furniture and other appliances while you are on your visit.

  1. Be sure the place is squeaky clean

Cleanliness is a cardinal rule in every home. Start this by making sure that your place is clean and spotless from top to bottom. Bring all your cleaning tools and supplies and start cleaning with the family.  If the schedule is too tight, contact a trusted deep cleaning services in dubai service provider to get the job done.

  1. Check your water sources

Water is a basic need in every home and should be given utmost attention. Inspect your water sources like faucets and tanks. If you think that it needs thorough cleaning, call an expert to help you with this dilemma. There are water tank cleaning in dubai that will check the overall condition of your water tanks and other water facilities.

  1. Create a moving plan/checklist

Moving can be a stressful activity, especially if you are not prepared. Lessen the stress by making a moving in checklist. Divide your plan into three parts: packing, moving, and settling in. For packing, assign boxes to specific items like clothes, furniture, equipment and appliances. Leave one box each for miscellaneous items that are not in the category and for things that are for disposal. For moving and settling in, be sure to include schedules and how you plan to place your furniture and other home equipment.

  1. Enlist help from friends and relatives

Moving to a new home should be a collective effort so make sure that your family is involved in this activity. Assign a task to each family member. You can also invite friends to come along and help. Make this a fun activity by involving food and games.

Once you are able to settle your pre-moving checklist, you can be sure that moving in to your new space will be a breeze. Read More