Although the trend of hypnobirthing in Dubai is fast gaining momentum, a lot of women are still in oblivion about the wondrous benefits of this birthing technique, which allows maximum relief, comfort, and relaxation during the laborious process of child birth. If you are an expectant mother, here are 5 reasons which will change your mind about using this method:

  • More Comfortable and Shorter Labor Time

The perspective of fear gives birth to extensive pain, which is the main reason for shallow breathing and constricting hormones. Women, who resort to hypnosis, learn to prepare for childbirth with relaxing breathing techniques and comfortable positions, ingraining expectations and happy images of a pleasant childbirth in their minds to replace the perspective of fear, allowing the feel-good hormones, endorphins, to be released into the system. This process ensures a more complacent coordination between the body and mind, allowing for shorter labor times.

  • Significantly Alleviated pain during labor

Women, who have mastered the technique of hypnobirthing, have an entirely new perspective of pain. Instead of reporting excruciating pain associated with child birth, they feel sensations such as pressure and tightening. Endorphins have been known to relax the body and let women’s bodies work mindfully throughout the entire delivery process. Although this technique doesn’t guarantee a pain-less delivery, mothers who get to grips with this method experience much less pain than experienced through other types of labor relieving techniques.

  • Fosters a Deeper connection between The Baby and Mother

Heavily drugged mothers feel disconnected from their baby and even their own bodies during childbirth. With the use of hypnobirthing techniques, mothers are no longer suffused with drugs, thereby remaining in tune with their bodies on a super-conscious level throughout the process. Such mothers can read the cues of their bodies and do everything in their power to ease the delivery. This allows mothers to warmly welcome their babies and feel every miraculous moment of childbirth.

  • Wean off All Medication During the Delivery Period

Once you look at your bodily sensations with a renewed perspective, not only will you experience a shorter recovery time after birth, but also find your body recovering without medication. This would lessen the time you avail the services of babysitting in Dubai to take care of your other children.

  • Relaxation and Visualization Techniques Help Prevent Tearing and Complications

Through the use of visualization and imagination, childbirth is a far safer process than ever. When mothers make their bodies work in coordination with their minds, they can prevent a breeched baby or tearing during childbirth.

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