A company is only as good as its security measures. This is especially true in the case of companies that tackle sensitive information, which should not get in the wrong hands. It’s easy to spell disaster for your blossoming company if you don’t maintain your IT systems, which is why an IT support company should be in your arsenal.

As part of securing information, don’t forget to do the following:

Archive Old Material

It’s safe to assume that any material you haven’t needed in the past year can be archived. This frees up some space in your hard drive and makes accessing important information easier. Tech companies will not recommend deleting all copies of your old material, though, especially if you don’t have any hard copies of them. Archiving should put them in a secure, untouched environment without having to muddle up your current IT systems.

Delete Redundant Files

Though it’s not recommended to delete every last copy of old files, you should delete any redundancies which eat unnecessary space. Saving multiple copies of the same version of a document or database uses resources that you could have used to optimize your system. Saving different versions, for documentation purposes, however, is recommended.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

When you’re outsourcing your IT support, you need to take advantage of the AMC annual maintenance contract that comes with their services. The scheduled maintenance helps keep your IT systems up to date and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. In the business world, someone who can serve clients information fast wins.

Free Up Space

This is the goal of most IT system maintenance services, and for a good reason. You need to free up memory space so that your system has the available resources it needs to complete certain tasks. Available disk space is also important if you have an extensive database that continually stores information—unless you want outdated information on your system because there’s no space for new additions.

Defragment Hard Drives

Notice your system lagging and taking time to complete a query? That could be your hard drive asking for defragmentation. IT support companies recommend doing this regularly as part of your maintenance plan, to keep everything in tip top condition.

A reliable company doesn’t let its clients’ information be misused or deleted accidentally. Make sure your IT systems are running smoothly and protecting everything you promised you would.

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