On Brake Safety: Tell-Tale Signs Your Brakes Are Failing You

Road trips are all fun, until you have to think about car maintenance. When caring for your auto, there are a few things you have to note – from the engine to the exterior panels. But, nothing can be more important than having your brakes in good condition.

The brake system is one of the most important safety systems of your car. Signs will start to pop up if the brakes are starting to wear out. When these signs start appearing, it’s time to get new EBC rotors and pads.

  • Brake warning lights turn on

Most cars have warning lights on their dashboard that blink when the brake pads are starting to become worn out. If your car doesn’t have this feature, you can check the brake pads manually, or look for the other signs.

  • Difficulty in slowing down or stopping the car

Reduced responsiveness is one of the most noticeable problems that will appear due to worn out brake pads. Once you notice that your car isn’t slowing down, you’ll need to replace your rotors and pads as soon as possible. You can visit this website to see your options.

  • Grinding or squealing noise

Strange noises can mean trouble when it comes to automobiles. Your brake system needs immediate replacing if you hear a grinding noise or a high-pitched squeal when you step on the pedal. The grinding sounds indicate friction between the metal calipers and rotors. If you start hearing these noises other than the sound coming from your car stereo, head over to your mechanic for a brake check-up and replacement.

  • Strange vibrations when stepping on the brake pedal

Vibrations are normal when you’re doing an emergency stop using your antilock brakes. This isn’t the case if you’re using your normal brake pedals. These strange vibrations can be an indication of warped rotors, as the uneven surfaces move against the pads. In some cases, these vibrations can also indicate misaligned wheels. No matter what the circumstance, this requires your urgent attention.

  • Car veers towards one side when braking

Is your car pulling to one side whenever you’re driving or stepping on the brakes? This may be due to a stuck caliper or collapsed brake hose. This can also mean problems with your wheels or car’s suspension.

Regular car maintenance is key if you want to continue your road trips and maintain your overall safety. This will take away your worries when you’re on the road with your friends or loved ones.