Protect Your Security Footage From Being Compromised

Security footage coming from your CCTV system is an important piece of evidence in times of need, especially when you are dealing with a crime inside your residence or establishment. But there are instances when the footage becomes so severely compromised that it cannot be used for investigation.

To ensure that your security footage is safe and secure, here are some security guidelines that you can implement:

  • Make sure the installation is properly done

The first step to ensuring that your security footage is secure is properly installing the system. There are a lot of cases wherein the installed CCTV system failed to work properly, leading to corrupted files, unsaved footages, or failed recordings. Prevent this from happening by ensuring that the monitoring system is placed and installed according to the guidelines. It would be best to have trusted the CCTV installation companies in sharjah do the installation to ensure that it is properly done.


  • Back up your security footage

Sometimes, security footages can get deleted unintentionally or misplaced, especially if the one handling the system is not trained and capable. To secure a copy, be sure to back up the files regularly. Schedule a weekly security backup and save the files online or through cloud storage. You can also do physical backups, but be sure that the copies are secured.


  • Limit the people who can access the files

The higher the number of people who can access the security system, the higher the chances of files getting compromised and deleted. It would be best to limit the number of people you will be giving access to the monitoring system and the files. You also need to do a background check to determine whether they are trained, capable, and qualified to handle security systems.


  • Secure your passwords

Hacking is a very common security threat. A company that has a weak file security system can fall to hackers easily. Be sure that your system passwords are strong and secure. As a security protocol, regularly change your passwords.


  • Check the equipment regularly

When a component fails to function properly, a security system is crippled significantly. So, it is a must that you regularly conduct an inspection of your security equipment, including your security cameras and video recording equipment. If there are components that need replacement, be sure to have them replaced ASAP.

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