Questions to ask before visiting a therapist

We have all been there when we know that our condition isn’t stable and it’s only counselling in Dubai which can help us with this but then we remember our childhood rumours which suggested that therapy is for insane people, they hypnotize you, brain wash you and a bunch of other different things, but the truth is very different from what we know. Here are a few questions which you must be aware of.


  • I should visit therapist because I’m mentally disturbed?


Many people think that therapist is needed only when the problem is too far gone but this shouldn’t be the case as, if problems are treated before it blows up into something very serious is the perfect way to make things right. You don’t have to be or turn into a schizophrenic patient with suicidal thoughts if you get help in the first place. Just like general physician they will help you diagnose the problem and navigate path in your life.

  • How can I find the right therapist?

This is something which most people are afraid of when they take a step towards curing their illness. They find it difficult to open up to people and then are scared if the person in front will judge you or even understand you. To consolidate you: no therapist is allowed to judge you and they are very understanding. Still if you are not sure about this, make sure that you find recommendations from your family and friends and check their reviews.

This is something which everyone is curious about because again our childhood rumours of ‘brainwashing’ still linger the in back of our minds. Well, there isn’t such thing going on, all you will be asked to do is share your problems and you and your therapist will find the solution together. It is ok to talk your heart out and rant about things without being scared of anything. Sometimes you will be asked to complete some sort of homework which will help you through.

There are so many things that we don’t know which results in assuming the worst of worse. Before diving in something, do your proper research. Don’t be afraid to open up as that’s the only way to help things through.