Reasons of buying property in Dubai

Have you decided to buy a property in an international state? If yes, Then Dubai is among the best recommendations as it offers a wide range of breathtaking locations for the residential purpose. Not only this, in fact you will find a wide range of options regarding the price range and size of property like you can go with apartments, townhouses and villas. These options further offer several more choices as well like in apartment you can buy a studio apartment or a bigger one ranging from one to three bedrooms usually.

If we talk about the leading and most popular residential projects of Dubai then Emaar beachfront apartments and Town Square Hayat townhouses are the best options not only in terms of breathtaking and ideal location but even in terms of several different facilities which makes it quite feasible for the residents to live their life and fulfill all the basic necessities in the best possible way. In the following article, you will get to know about some main reasons of buying property in Dubai so read it thoroughly till the end.

Chance of getting UAE residency

Getting UAE residency is a dream of every person and buying a property in Dubai offers an ideal chance to get this UAE residential visa. According to the laws of UAE, buying a property in Dubai would help you in getting your UAE permanent residency. It involves some rules and limitations like the property’s value must be more than or equal to 1 million AED. This investment will make you eligible to apply for UAE residency and the chances of getting such type of visa are more if you have fulfilled each and every criteria. This is the main reason that mostly people invest in buying property specifically in Dubai.

Low cost purchase

You must be wondering that how Dubai could offer low cost purchase in terms of property besides of being one of the most leading international state in the world, right? Well this is true because if you compare the property cost of Dubai with other popular international states then you will find a clear huge difference. This is because in Dubai you will get a wide range of options with varying price range. On the same side there is no property tax in Dubai which makes it more even more beneficial for the buyers as they don’t have to pay any excessive tax to the government.