Without our history, we stand nowhere. No matter how many facts we gather, at the end of the day, we need our history to tally with them the facts. When we see history, we see different changes that had happened with the passage of time. And some people say that the changes are not for good but when we that our history has changed so much and how evolution has happened much that we stand here. Some people don’t believe that the major things that had happened in the world and thank lord for our history, we have a proof to make them see the clearer picture.

Speaking of proofs, many historians travel to the most untraveled places and the places that cannot be travelled to find out what kind of history has the world been hiding from us. Some even have dug many holes in the ground to get the old proves out. They do a huge study just for us to know that what our ancestors have left for us the boxes. Thanks to these documents, many countries have been able to set borders and there are have been the most amazing discoveries that one can imagine of. There are some almost scared self storage units in Dubai where you find the oldest documents and there are some specialized document storage companies in Dubai as well, there are more documents as well, keep reading to know about them;

The Book of the Chronicles of Kings of Israel: this is a Hebrew Bible that has only 20 pages left and the rest of pages are no longer and they could not be found. The word Chronicles here is the meaning of Iron Age history and with this book, the other Biblical narratives must have been written but this is the original one.

Ibn Al Haytham’s Treatises: this is the person who worked as a physicist, astronomer and a mathematician and he was an Iraqi born person and these are the books that were written in 200 languages and only 55 survived.

Yongle Encyclopedia: this is an encyclopedia on agriculture art and more than 2000 scholars added their knowledge in this 11000 pager encyclopedia and, in this encyclopedia, you will also find the details of natural science and theology. The sad is that only 800 pages are remaining now and the rest were burnt in Boxer Rebellion in 1900 and, in these 800 pages only 3 percent of the text is readable.

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