Your smile is your first impression on your friends, relatives, and colleagues. When you enter any organization, ceremony or an event, your glittering and healthy teeth introduce you to the lot out there. It gives you a spark of beauty with elegance. Some people are gifted with beautiful smiles but some others are not that lucky. The gaps between your teeth or naturally bad-shaped teeth, yellow and black stains of caffeine or root canal, tooth decay due to an accident or some medical reasons, and discoloration due to age are the main reasons of an unsatisfactory smile. To maintain a beautiful, white and flawless smile, people use different techniques, dental creams, and scaling and bleaching procedures to get definitive solution of their problem but no procedure ensures 100 percent success rate.

In Dubai, where modernization is getting advanced day-by-day, media and fashion industry people are very keen to visit the dentists also for cosmetic procedures. Other than any dental procedure, Veneers motor city Dubai is an ultimate solution of all your dental issues.

Dental veneer, porcelain veneer, or dental porcelain laminates is a procedure in cosmetic dental surgery in which a customized white shell, made from porcelain or resin composite material, is applied and covered on the surface of your teeth. Veneer fills up all the gaps, and removes the discoloration problem and tooth decays. It may also resize your teeth length which ultimately improves your beautiful smile. The difference between porcelain and resin is that porcelain is better resistant to stains than resin.


The procedure of Veneers usually includes three dental visits in which all the procedure is done very conveniently.


  • In the first dental visit, the dentist will examine your teeth to finalize the appropriate procedure for you. If veneer is best for you then he will make a model of your teeth by taking an x-ray and using 3D imaging technique. He will then design the veneers with the help of specialist dental technician. The designing takes two to three weeks at dental laboratory.
  • In the second visit, a very minimal amount of enamel is usually removed from your teeth to apply porcelain or resin shell. As veneer is a permanent process and is not revocable, it needs proper management and skilled cosmetic dental expert. Before permanent binding, the veneer is bonded on your teeth to find the perfection of the smile. The veneer can have some flaws which needs improvement.
  • In your third visit, the finalized veneer shell is permanently fixed with the help of special cement. The dentist will then apply a special light beam which activates the cement composition and a chemical reaction binds your teeth with veneer eternally. Excess cement will be removed with the help of dental tools. Polishing the teeth will finalize your beautiful smile.


By proper maintenance and avoiding foods and drinks that could discolor your new version of beautiful smile, you can sustain veneer for more than 15 years. So if you are look for a Hollywood smile in Motor City, Dubai is the place to be.

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